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FAA DER Consulting Services for Software

We have certified dozens of systems from Level A through Level D. We provide efficient certification services and keep you informed of our progress every step of the way. Our proprietary tools provide you the latest software certification status and an up to date estimate to complete (ETC).

DO-178 Training

Our DO-178 training classes allow your team to quickly learn the right way to develop and verify software to DO-178. Our trainers are DERs and have also led software development teams, so we help you avoid the real world problems that could plague any certification project.
We provide both custom training at your facility or public classes at various locations in the US.
We have also delivered training for US military software airworthiness.

DO-178 Document Templates

Using our experience with various certification authorities, we have developed document templates to get your project quickly up to speed. Our templates reflect best practices for the development, verification, configuration management, and software quality assurance processes. They include sections that can be tailored for your particular project and address all the "hidden assumptions" for certification that are not highlighted in DO-178 or the FAA guidance.

DO-178 Software Process Development

We can help your software team develop software processes that will meet all the DO-178 and software certification requirements. We use a flexible approach that can be used from everything to complete process implementation to simply revising your existing software processes to meet a particular software level.
We can also help develop training to get your team educated on the revised software processes.

DO-178 Gap Analysis

We will review your existing software processes and products and tell you what is required to make your processes and products meet DO-178. Our experience helps us to quickly identify the most important changes needed to meet even the highest DO-178 software levels. We provide a thorough report, a team briefing, and can recommend process changes and training.

Software Verification and Software Safety

Software IV & V

Our team has performed independent software verification and validation including the most critical software. Our experts will identify all issues with the software requirements, design, code, test cases, and traceability.

Software Testing Services

Our team has performed all types of software testing services including module testing, source code reviews, and system testing. We have developed detailed testing standards that make our test cases effective, efficient, and repeatable. Our philosophy is to provide testing services to your standards, keep you fully informed of our progress, and ensure all results are fully documented.
We have used our experience to turn our best testing practices into an automated requirements based testing tool. This tool analyzes the requirements and generates the test cases needed to meet DO-178 requirements based test coverage.

Software Safety Analysis

We have performed software safety analyses including software failure modes effects analysis (SW FMEA), software interface failure modes effects analysis, and software fault tree analysis.

Formal Methods Requirements Verification

We have successfully used various model checking techniques to verify software requirements. We have demonstrated these techniques can give significant software savings by completely verifying the software requirements before costly re-work due to requirements errors. These methods are particularly effective for software requirements that have complex interactions.



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